Aspiring Administrators

Aspiring Administrator Academy

The next cohort of AAA will be selected in June of 2020. The AAA will take a year off during the 2019-2020 school year. During the year we will offer optional workshops for all past AAA graduates.

The 2018-19 Cohort #3 of the Aspiring Administrator Academy:

  • Maria Canales
  • Juan Contreras
  • Jacobo Dominguez
  • Elizabeth (Lisa) Exum
  • Carla Jacobs
  • Joel Miller
  • Michelle Owens
  • Alicia Pentz-Lopez
  • Courtney Quinn
  • Carla Redelings (Served as the Interim Program Manager, Special Services, Spring 2019)
  • Pedro (Pete) Terrazas
  • Isabel Velasquez-Sandoval

The Assistant Principals who served as mentors to Cohort #3:

  • Ruben Baeza
  • Lora Bumatay
  • Daniel Cohen
  • Easter Finley
  • Dan Kracha
  • Joe Lara
  • Ronne Pietila
  • Sergio Quintero
  • Sasha Scott
  • Pilar Vargas

The 2017-18 Cohort #2 of the Aspiring Administrator Academy:

  • Melanie Brown
  • Raul Campos
  • Shannon Chamberlin (Hired as AP for ELM, July 2018)
  • Daniel Crook
  • Andrea Currier (Hired as AP- Student Activities for MOH, September 2018)
  • Jay Fabunan
  • Charissa Fairly
  • Alfredo Farias
  • Guillermo Flores (Served as the Interim AP at ORH for Spring 2019)
  • Mario Frias
  • Martha Garza (Hired as AP-Student Activities for SYH, July 2018)
  • Ray Jensen
  • Virginia Mendoza
  • Brenda Murguia
  • Araceli Perez-Picone
  • Mirka Sanchez
  • Monica Sigarroa-Sanchez

The Assistant Principals who served as mentors to Cohort #2:

  • Ruben Baeza
  • Lora Bumatay
  • Easter Finley
  • Alejandra Inzunza  (Hired as Principal at MOM, July 2018)
  • Frank Issa (Hired as Director of Risk Management, February 2018)
  • Jason Josafat
  • Dan Kracha
  • Teresa Kramer (Hired as Principal at BVM, January 2018)
  • Joe Lara
  • Sergio Quintero

The SUHSD Aspiring Administrators Academy (AAA) began in 2016-17 with Cohort 1. There were 16 teacher leaders paired with 8 Assistant Principal Mentors for the duration of the 2016-17 Academy. The AP Mentors facilitated learning opportunities for our aspiring leaders to experience as much AP-like work as possible throughout the year. All AAA resources are available in our Canvas course.

The 2016-17 Cohort #1 of the Aspiring Administrator Academy:

  • Heather Bolles
  • Kristina Fox
  • Michelle Godfrey
  • Anna Gutierrez (Hired as an AP at HTH, July 2017)
  • Maria G. Hernandez
  • Marisol Higadera  (Hired as AP for CPH, July 2018)
  • Nathan Horner (Hired as AP at HTH, July 2018)
  • Josephe Kelleher
  • Melanie Kray (Hired as an AP at ORH, July 2017)
  • Monica Lehpamer
  • Jessica Lloyd (Hired as an AP in Grossmont, July 2017)
  • Chris Miller (Hired as an AP at MVH, July 2017)
  • Deborah Morris
  • Felipe Rosales
  • Savannah Sturges  (Hired as AP for MVH, July 2018)
  • Elizabeth Wong (Hired as an AP at MOM, July 2017)

The Assistant Principals who served as mentors to Cohort #1:

  • Lora Bumatay
  • Ricardo Cooke (Hired as Principal at ELM, July 2017)
  • Easter Finley
  • Alejandara Inzunza
  • Frank Issa
  • Maria Jaramillo (Hired as Principal at MVA, July 2017)
  • Hector Ornelas
  • Monica Raczkowski


If you are interested in becoming an administrator, but don’t yet have an Admin Credential, we encourage you to research the local options available to you.