Induction (Beginning Teacher Support)

Welcome to the SUHSD!  Together we are Putting Students First through great teaching.

Our CTC-approved Induction Program for beginning teachers (including Interns) has been up and running since July 2016. It remains cost-free to eligible candidates.  The SUHSD is investing in its future!

SUHSD teachers who are qualified to participate in Induction must complete the “Enrollment Form” linked below.  This constitutes enrollment in a Commission on Teacher Credentialing-approved Induction program.


The SUHSD Induction Enrollment form for 17-18 is linked here.

(Please note: you must be logged into your SUHSD Google Drive ( account in order to access this form.)



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Canvas courses for SUHSD Induction are linked below:



Information on the UCSD Extension SUHSD Teacher Induction Q8 Course is linked here; registration deadline for this quarter is 4/20/18.

Flyer describing SUHSD Induction Program is accessible here.

The January, 2018 issue of Trailhead, the newsletter for SUHSD Teacher Induction, is accessible here.  See below for additional issues from 2016-18.

From 2016-17:

July 2016

August 2016

October 2016

December 2016

February 2017

April 2017

From 2017-18:

July 2017

August 2017

October 2017

January 2018

April 2018

Mentor Materials:

From 2016-17:

Induction Mentor Orientation   and

Induction Mentor Summer Training


Q1 Induction Mentor Workshop   

Q2 Induction Mentor Workshop   

Q3 Induction Mentor Workshop   

Q4 Induction Mentor Workshop


New Mentor Orientation Day One (spring, 17)

New Mentor Orientation Day Two (spring, 17) 

From 2017-18:

Induction Mentor Summer Training



Q1 Mentor Workshop 

Q2 Mentor Workshop

Q3 Mentor Workshop

Q4 Mentor Workshop

Candidate Materials:

From 2016-17:

Induction Candidate Orientation     

Induction Candidate Q1 Seminar     

Induction Candidate Q2 Seminar     

Semester One Round Table

Induction Candidate Q3 Seminar     

Induction Candidate Q4 Seminar    

Semester Two Round Table 

From 2017-18:

Induction Candidate Orientation

Induction Candidate Q1 Seminar

Induction Candidate Q2 Seminar

Semester One Round Table

Induction Candidate Q3 Seminar

Induction Candidate Q4 Seminar

Guide Teacher Materials:

Fall 2017 Orientation

Presentation by SUHSD Induction Team at CTC’s Teacher Induction Conference (12/5-6/17)

Presentation by Aly Martinez & Katrine Czajkowski at CA STEAM Symposium (12/11/17)

CA Standards for the Teaching Profession

Continuum of Teaching Practice

Program Sponsor Alert from CTC: 2015 Teacher Induction Standards

New Teacher Survival Guide from The Teaching Channel

New teachers are encouraged to check out the resources available on twitter (see tab to the right for twitter information) under the hashtag #NTChat; an entire virtual support community for new teachers is available on the NTChat website.


Contact information:

Katrine Czajkowski

Program Manager, Teacher Induction



John Patel (English/Language Arts & History/Social Sciences)

Courtney Kleffman (English/Language Arts)

Alexandra Martinez (Math & Science)

Full-time Induction Mentors

(619) 407-4968


Doreen San Nicolas & Cynthia Acuna

Classified Support