Climate Conversations: Cross-Curricular Connections (from Sylvia McBride, CPH)


I just wanted to share this link with you:

I’m sending this to you because you either teach a social science or science class, and/or you might know someone else that will benefit from the teacher resources shared. Or maybe you want to check out the OVEE online platform?

I am participating in a national online panel on climate change through PBS education. The reason why I wanted to share this with you is because it’s all online, free, and there will be some clips from the sequel to Inconvenient Truth (“An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”) and “The Island President”  shown to the audience. Plus there will be discussion on how teachers handle controversial topics like this one especially in our current political environment.

The presentation/panel is directed towards teachers (especially Social Science and Science teachers) and there always are A LOT of awesome resources that are shared by other teachers around the country that might be helpful in the future. Some of you tagged on this email are so awesome about sharing resources that I wanted to provide at least one back!

The event starts at 4pm on Tuesday and lasts about 1 hour. Hope you can participate and thanks for taking the time to read this looooooong email from me. 🙂

Sylvia McBride

World Geography Teacher

CPH Social Science Curriculum Specialist and Dept. Chair

National Geographic Certified Educator

Twitter: @geomcbride2016