Day 107, Carmen Dacasin

Rather than “what I learned today”, I’m more accurately sharing what I’m learning and continue to learn.  That being, remembering to be grateful every day for even the smallest things in life.  Over the last year, months, weeks and even days, SOMETHING has happened to bring me to this place of gratitude.  I really AM grateful that I work in the department I’m currently in. Grateful for the co-workers who’ve become friends, and some almost like family. Grateful that, regardless of the many changes that have occurred, we learn to work together and even though we’re stumbling through some of it, we’re getting through it ~ together. So, in trying to keep this short, because I CAN go on and on. . . consider this my “grateful blog”. First “blog” ever!!!!

Carmen “Auditor” Dacasin started at SUHSD when she was 10 years old and in June of this year she will have been here for 34 years. OK,  she wasn’t really 10. She is currently an accountant in the Finance Department and loving every minute of it.