Day 115, Operation Grit

Tiffany Howerton, MOH English teacher and Operation GRIT advisor

Michelle Beauchamp, MOH English teacher and Operation GRIT advisor

Operation GRIT is a club and a mentoring program at Montgomery High School. We match 11th and 12th grade GRIT mentors with 9th and 10th grade protégés in Aztec Checkout.  Our goal is to help students with their academics, but also to make sure they know they have a community of peers that care about them. Mentors and protégés meet 2-4 times a week to ensure overall success. GRIT stands for Growth, Resilience, Integrity, and Tenacity, which are the 4 pillars of our mission statement.

Gia Jaramillo, MOH Senior and Operation GRIT Vice President/mentor

Initially when I started mentoring I simply wanted to complete my community service hours and be done with it. But after 3 years I’ve gotten into the routine of going 4 days a week, multiple hours a day. Operation GRIT has changed from a dinky after school program to the largest club in my school. Not only have I grown more sociable, but also it has expanded the value of my school and community. Through this program I found that I enjoy helping my protégés and seeing the moment when they understand a problem.

I’ve decided that I will continue helping students to reach their full potential through teaching. My favorite part of GRIT is that we celebrate the success of all the students, both small and tremendous. This helps unify us as a whole as well as incite a passion within the individual students. I hope to help Operation GRIT prosper and grow in the future as I plan to continue the tradition when I am a teacher.

Oscar Soto-Castelo, MOH Freshman, Operation GRIT protégé

Operation GRIT has helped me a lot to improve my grades. Currently, I have been getting really good grades because of the program. I meet with my mentor at least twice a week to make sure I stay on track. If it wasn’t for my mentor and Operation GRIT I wouldn’t be going to the college trip during Spring Break. I can’t wait to visit universities in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The trip will be fun especially since I get to go with my mentor Gia and other students in the club.

Last semester, I felt proud every marking period because we would have a party to celebrate good grades. I always have fun. I hope to one day become a mentor in the club. I know I can do it.