Professional Growth vs. Professional Development

There have been a lot of questions about the difference between these two phrases:

  • Professional Growth
  • Professional Development
PD and PG

PD and PG

The concepts are two overlapping parts of a larger system of learning, in support of our LCAP goals.

Professional growth is personalized, individualized learning pathways that help each staff member be their personal best.  Within our culture of learning, there will be interests and passions that interest some, but not everyone. Professional growth opportunities will tap into those interests and strengths in support of helping people reach their next goal as professionals.  Not all professional growth opportunities will have pay associated with them.  These activities will be designed for people who want to expand their knowledge in order to improve their own performance.

Professional development can take on many forms, but the foundational level helps everyone in our system have a common understanding (of an instructional framework, of content standards, of expectations, etc.).  PD can be workshops facilitated at the district or the site, by district or site leaders.  It can also be a highly functioning Professional Learning Community (PLC) in action.  PD helps us ensure we are speaking a common language about teaching and learning (as well as other job functions) in order to ensure that all students learn at high levels.