SUHSD Learns

The SUHSD Learns blog showcases the learning that happens every day across the system.  Each day in 2016 a short blog post was posted, written by a Sweetwater community member (student, teacher, counselor, classified staff, administrator, district staff, Board Member, parent, community member, etc.). The goal is to celebrate learning in all its forms.  SUHSD Learns launched on July 20, 2016. While we no longer post a daily blog, we are happy to post updates any time a member of our learning community wants to contribute.  See below for the link to communicate with us that you would like to write/ draw/submit a video for the SUHSD Learns blog. 

SUHSD Learns

This concept is modeled off of the work done by other districts such as:


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  • Blog entries must answer the question, “What did you learn today?”
  • Blog entries can include a narrative, pictures or a video segment (if students are contributing/shown, we must have student permission form completed)
  • Each written blog entry should be approximately 250 words
  • The author of the blog should also submit a short biography (1-3 sentences with or without a picture!) telling us who you are within the SUHSD learning community

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Once you submit your form, you will be emailed about the details of your blog submission, including when your blog is due.


Thank you to Alicia Johal, a teacher in our learning community, for designing our SUHSD Learns logo.