2018-19 Monthly District Twitter Chat #suhsdlearns 


Check out #suhsdlearns to participate in our monthly district Twitter chat. Mark your calendars and join us! We will chat on the second Wednesday of each month, the same day we wear our Putting Students First t-shirts across the district. Just remember: T-shirt day = Twitter chat day!  If you would like to moderate one of our chats, please contact Dr. Amy Illingworth (@AmyLIllingworth).

  • 8/8
  • 9/12
  • 10/10
  • 11/14
  • 12/12
  • 1/9
  • 2/13
  • 3/13
  • 4/10
  • 5/8

Twitter can be a phenomenal tool for individualized professional growth. Here in the SUHSD you can see great things happening around the district by following the district hashtags #suhsd #suhsdlearns and #teamsuhsd. If you tweet out learning from your classroom, site or department, we encourage you to include the district hashtag. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you can go to and type “#suhsd” into the search line to see the tweets your district colleagues are sharing.

Check out #Edcamp619 to read about the first Sweetwater Edcamp that occurred on August 27 and the second annual event returning in August 2017!

In addition to tweeting about the great teaching and learning taking place on your campus, Twitter can also be used to collaborate and connect with educators from around the globe.

There are education-related twitter chats every day of the week (at all times of the day and night- see the schedule below!). A wide variety of educational hashtags exist that can connect you with colleagues from around the world who teach the same content as you, or work with similar student populations, or colleagues who are also trying out new teaching methods in their own classrooms and want to share ideas. We encourage you to explore twitter to build your own Professional Learning Network (PLN).

SUHSD Taco Tuesday Twitter Challenge for February 2017 – Please join in the fun! While the official challenged ended in February, this is a great way to introduce you to Twitter if you are new.

2016 twitter – A calendar of Twitter activities you can try as  you get to know Twitter as a professional growth tool (even if it’s no longer April!).