Teacher Residency

Sweetwater Teacher Residency

Click on the image above to access the Sweetwater Teacher Residency Program Google site. 

To increase the number of credentialed teachers in high-need content areas (math, science, special education and bilingual content areas), the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) launched a $75M effort in 2018.  This project is described here.

In 2018, the SUHSD received a $50,000 Teacher Residency Capacity grant from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to design a plan for Teacher Residency.  In 2019, we received an $800,000 grant to implement this project. Funding included $20,000 to support each of up to 40 Teacher Residents.

The SUHSD Teacher Residency project strives to recruit and support outstanding teacher candidates in math, science, special education and bilingual social sciences by developing their relationships with expert “Resident Coaches” during their required clinical practice of pre-service teaching.

The SUHSD’s Teacher Residency grant proposal, funded by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) is linked here.

Below are aspects of SUHSD Teacher Residency:

  • Residents are pursuing preliminary teaching credentials.  Interns may participate as SUHSD Residents (paid for collaboration outside of time as teacher of record)
  • Residents spend at least half of each day in classrooms over the span of a school year.
  • Residents work closely with experienced mentor Coaches, who guide their work with students

Residents spend time working in teams within a “lab class” whose teacher of record is the Resident Coach.