Welcome to Professional Growth

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“Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Welcome to the Sweetwater Union High School District’s Professional Growth website.

Our vision is to support each and every SUHSD staff member to achieve his or her professional goals through high quality differentiated professional learning while building capacity within our system on behalf of each student.

We want to recruit, hire, retain, and support the best staff members at all levels of the system.

We believe that all staff members in SUHSD deserve opportunities to learn and grow as professionals in individualized ways. We support staff-selected professional growth opportunities that benefit and impact student learning, staff learning, and system capacity.

We are always gathering feedback from staff about their professional growth needs through conversations, observations, and feedback from you. We look forward to creating a Professional Growth system that enhances the entire district community.  Please check out the News tab for current events, professional growth opportunities, and the SUHSD Learns blog.


Who are we? 

Amy Illingworth, Ed.D.
Director, Professional Growth

Katrine Czajkowski, Ph.D.
Program Manager, Teacher Induction

Liliana Silva-Diaz, Ph.D.
Counselor on Special Assignment


Full-time Induction Mentors:

Courtney Kleffman

Alexandra Martinez

John Patel


Clerical Support:

Doreen San Nicolas
Senior Administrative Assistant

Sofia Torres
Administrative Secretary