Welcome to Induction



(n) the process or action of bringing about or giving rise to something.
(n) a formal introduction to a new job or position
 Origin: Latin ductere, to lead

The purpose of SUHSD Induction is to recruit, train, support and grow the highest-quality teachers and counselors possible in service of diverse students.  

We identify talented and qualified individuals interested in a career in education and provide structured, supportive experiences where experienced mentors/coaches guide development toward excellence.  

Our collective goal is transformation at a variety of levels – from individual to classroom to professional learning community to school site to district and beyond – that expands opportunity for all students in our community.  

We recognize and challenge the role of systemic oppression in limiting opportunity for too many of our students and believe that a shared commitment to change can bring about results when expectations are explicit and transparent.  We hold ourselves accountable to diverse stakeholders and document achievement of outcomes through a variety of qualitative and quantitative measures.

The work of SUHSD Induction is aligned with the district mission of ensuring that each student experiences Effective First Instruction.

Our programs include: